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Since 2015, UpBlend Outdoors had one goal in mind: to be the best designer of wind chimes and outdoor accessories for people who care about each other.

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Because our customers share their wonderful stories with us, our vision from simply creating wind chimes to creating connections between wonderful people.



We proudly design hand-made windchimes using high-quality materials that are beautiful and meaningful.


I love the chime and the "You've Got This" rock which I placed in the console of my car next to a similar rock that says "blessed". Two wonderful forms of encouragement to greet me as I begin driving every day - can't beat that!

— J.W.

We installed the chimes out on our porch. Our fountain was going, the hummingbirds we’re fighting over their food and suddenly a light breeze made the chimes play.
My friend who was sitting outside with me says it was a magical moment when everything came together and there was peace. 


— S