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  • WHILE OTHER HANGING SPINNERS are too small, too dull, missing important pieces, or simply don't spin, the Moonrise Spinner has 2 interchangeable swivel connectors with S-hooks for easy mounting and a clear, sturdy, nylon string to connect them. The spiral tail is the MAGICAL INGREDIENT. It keeps the spinner stabilized to that it can spin instead of being blown around which means a FANTASTIC VISUAL ADDITION to your outdoor space and an EASIER EXPERIENCE for you.
  • FIND PEACE AND QUIET in your yard with a double optical illusion. When you need a quick break from your busy mind, being distracted by something shiny can be a good thing. The reflective Moonrise Face and hanging acrylic star spin together while the rings fan out and flash in the sunlight. At the same time, the red glass ball seems to be forever falling in place through the spiraling tail. FOCUS ON THE SMOOTH MOTION to center your thoughts and mesmerize you. Perfect while enjoying that beverage in your favorite patio chair.
  • YOU CAN PERSONALIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE because everything is interchangeable. It is, in fact, two beautiful decorations in one and each piece will take you for a spin and help you find your zen. PLAY WITH THE OPTIONS by hanging each piece separately, choose only one swivel connector or use both, use the nylon string, or don't. Quickly find the combination that CONNECTS WITH YOUR PERSONALITY AND STYLE.
  • WE BELIEVE IN MAKING OUTDOOR DECORATING EASY and that finding right finishing touch for your outdoor space should be as simple as hanging up your coat. WE TEST everything in our backyard through all four seasons to make sure the quality is top notch. WE DESIGN instructions and tips to help you make the most of your valuable time. Our goal is to provide a stylish addition that effortlessly blends into the spaces you already enjoy.
  • YOU ARE A REAL PERSON, and we will make sure you feel like one. We know it’s hard to build trust online, so we’ll only provide you with the best products and service around or your money back! One year 100% Guarantee.

Moonrise Wind Spinner and Spiral Tail

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