Kindness Chime in Bronze

  • PEOPLE BUY A WIND CHIME FOR A MILLION DIFFERENT REASONS both happy and sad; from anniversaries and Mother’s Day to funerals and in memory of a loved one. The ONLY THING THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON IS KINDNESS. Each one is given by someone who wants to share the peace and warmth that comes from a well-tuned chime.

  • There are as many different wind chimes as there are reasons to buy them. This one was DESIGNED BY A TEAM OF MUSIC TEACHERS who endeavored to find the precise frequencies to provide tranquility and calm enjoyment; a feeling of zen. The right tones ended up being the f-major pentatonic scale.

  • AS A WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU and paying tribute to those acts of kindness, we are including a gift with your chime. Each box will include an engraved, hand painted rock with one of four inspirational messages. Keep the rock for yourself or pass

  • IT REALLY STRIKES A CHORD, in fact, it strikes a perfect F-major Pentatonic scale while resonating with the joy that comes from paying it forward. The surprise prize of an engraved stone in each box provides an extra message of hope and love for you home.

  • THIS MEDIUM CHIME IS 29 INCHES LONG from the top of the metal, heavy duty s-hook to bottom of wind catcher. There are six, large, deep tone, melodic aluminum tubes that range in length from 9.25" to 13.5". At the top, the beechwood suspension platform is 5.5" wide, the striker is 2.5", and the wind catcher 3.5" wide.

  • A GIFT THAT RESONATES TWICE and works for any holiday season, birthday, house warming, or anytime just for fun. It works well to commemorate the memory of a special person or milestone. Perfect as an outdoor chime for the patio, garden, backyard and anywhere you wish to add beautiful melodies to your environment.


Kindness Chime in Silver


Kindness Chime in Red


UpBlend Outdoors designs and manufactures high-quality hand-made windchimes and outdoor accessories that soften, entertain and provides pleasure to people of all ages.

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